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Joanne Brown Dancers was my second home from the time I was 6 into adulthood… As one of those early dancers all those years ago, I grew up with Joanne and at the studio. I am the teacher, mom, and woman I am today in large part thanks to the encouragement, love, and passion I developed there. Thank you Joanne Brown and JBD for shaping me and my life! It’s the BEST place to dance!

Kristina Kress

I would like to compliment on how well you interact with Ashley’s class and the patience you demonstrate, superb might I say..I had did a some home work on the internet trying to find a great dance school for Ashley and after reading some testimonials and even going to 2 other dance schools to observe,  I was a little skeptical, reason being it is so crucial to a child’s development how they are taught and what they are shown.. Then I found Joanne Brown Dancers, I took some time to look at  your site and it looked as if your dance studio might be a good fit for Ashley, I was still a little skeptical hoping it would be a good fit and I am so happy we decided to choose you Joanne Browns Dance Studio over all the others.. On your web site under Mission it states ” The Joanne Brown dancers Studio is a friendly and warm place to bring your child to dance. We have been complimented that the atmosphere surrounding our studio is comfortable and inviting” from experience I can say right on TARGET it has been for us..

To see Ashley’s face light up and the excitement she shows when its dance day is just heartwarming and she just adores you:  Perfect Find we are excited to see her grow with your studio.

Margie Garcia


Joanne Brown Dancers studio is not just a place to learn dance, it’s a warm, welcoming  family  environment where everyone becomes part of the family.  Joanne’s loving and nurturing personality creates an atmosphere where dancers learn to dance, learn the “love of dance” and learn to care about others.  It’s the best the dance world has to offer!


I love Joanne Brown Dancers! My daughter started dancing with Joanne when she was just 2 years old, and has continued to learn and grow with Joanne and her team of instructors for the past 4 years. Joanne’s teaching background allows her to tailor her lessons to the needs and developmental levels of the kids, and everyone is treated like family.

Erendira R.

Joanne Brown dance studio is the best place for children. My two daughters love to come here because they have a personal relationship with teachers and other dancers. Ms. Joanne Brown is a very talented teacher who love children very much and motivate them dance by their hearts.

Nhu Phan

 I loved Joanne Brown dance son is very shy before but after I enrolled him at JBD he gained so much confidence and learn to socialize. I would recommend JBD to any parents. JBD you rock!


The BEST thing I ever did for my 3 year old son was to Dance at Joanne Brown Dancers!!! He learned self esteem, how to be a team player, and had so much fun!!! He became the star point guard in basketball, graduated magna cum laude from college, and has a great career!!! He’s 22 now, and he’s a Happy and Loving young man!!! Thank you Joanne, we’ll Never forget those Life lessons, Wonderful good times and Sweet memories <3<3<3


We love JBD. My daughter started dancing since she was four years old and she still loves JBD. I rate this studio five stars.I’m very thankful for everything they have taught my daughter, the studio is been like a second home for our family. JBD is #1.

Sandra Guzman

 This is a very friendly, supportive family-oriented dance studio. My daughter has been dancing here for almost seven years and it has been a fantastic experience. She has learned confidence, poise, and has become a terrific dancer. Joanne and the other teachers care very much about each student and are also very involved in the community. We love JBD.

Joanne Steenburg

Both of our daughters, Sarah and Shayna, started very early (4& 2) taking dance classes at JBD. They loved going…made friends, competed, performed and all along building confidence and dance skills. A great place to learn dance …for children through adults
Janice Fonteno