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More About Joanne Brown  Dancers

The Joanne Brown Dancers Studio is a friendly and warm place to bring your child to dance. We have been complimented that the atmosphere surrounding our studio is comfortable and inviting. Our approach to teaching dance is a positive one; we are committed to having our students enjoy themselves, and to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Students are encouraged to be the best they can be and to ready for the stars. We believe that dancing offers something beneficial for everyone.

We offer a wide range of classes including Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop and lyrical.​

We have classes for ages 2 to adult, beginning to advance. Our competition team has won many awards, as well as overall studio awards. We are proud of our dancers and it shows when they are performing.

Our staff and students are always trying to add to their dance knowledge by attending various workshops throughout the year. We have had the opportunity to take classes from master teachers from around the United States, and are then able to pass these new techniques on to everyone at the studio.

We look forward to you joining the Joanne Brown Dancers, and becoming part of our dance family!

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