The official jbd makeup tutorial is live!


Find all of the products used here in order:


1) Eyeshadow Primer (your choice, but this one works well!)

2) NYX Faux Whites Eyeliner in Honeydew or Vanilla

3) MAC Eyeshadow X 9 Semi-Sweet

4) ELF Gel Eyeliner Black

5) Eylure Eyelashes  beauty-lashes?productId=xlsImpprod15571021

6) Any Cheek Highlighter (your choice, but this one works well!)

7) NYX Professional Makeup Lipliner Red Tape 

8) MAC Lipstick Russian Red

For Praying/ComeTogether/Bossa Nova Baby/Spell Block

we will update this video with our new look!

For Ain't Nothing Wrong/Angel/Salute/Emma & Ryley/Makin It/No Excuses

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